Dog Training, Pet Boarding, K9 Imports, and more!


At BlueStreak K9, we provide quality law enforcement training for police and law enforcement dogs as well as obedience and protection training for family pets. We are open to the pubic for personal protection training, search and rescue, and obedience and offer a full service boarding facility where your pet will be treated like family.



We offer quality training programs for working dogs to meet the demands of today's military and law enforcement agencies as well as the public around Northeast Arkansas and beyond. From drug detection to obedience classes, we take pride in training each dog for success.



Our boarding staff will keep your pets clean, healthy and comfortable during their overnight stay at our indoor climate-controlled kennel run. So whether you're going on a long vacation for the holidays or an overnight trip, we can take care of your furry friend while you're away!



BlueStreak K9 hosts single and dual purpose canines available for sale at all times. We import the finest canines from Europe to meet the needs of the customer and can accommodate special breed or location requests.