1267 CR 730 Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401
(870) 243-0331
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About B.A.R.K.

As a volunteer service, Bristow's Association of Canines trails lost and missing persons, criminals, and deceased persons whether it be on land or water.

Team from left: Jody Presser and Slugger, Michael Bristow and Daisy, Tim Mansfield and Molly, Shon Morris and Roofus, Blake Bristow and Roxy.

We have traveled all over Arkansas and parts of Missouri to volunteer our services. All members are professional and conduct themselves so on search and recovery missions. B.A.R.K. was established by Michael Bristow and Blake Bristow in 2009. We are a search and recovery group consisting of five handlers. There are three bloodhounds and a cadaver canine on the team. All members of B.A.R.K. are Police Officers.

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