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About BlueStreak K9

BlueStreak K9 was established in 2011 by Blake Bristow. Our goal is to provide the highest quality trained and reliable detection dogs that meet the needs of the customer. As a dog trainer, BlueStreak K9 will give every effort AND THEN SOME to be courteous and professional in every aspect of business. We use the most up-to-date training methods in detection work. We also use our experience and knowledge in Drug Enforcement to train the dog in real life deployment scenarios.

K9 Training

BlueStreak K9 offers handler training courses that are certified through Arkansas Law enforcement standards (CLEST). Blake has attended the CLEST certifying officials course. BlueStreak K9 offers certifications through the American Working Dog Association as well as DRUGBEAT. We are proud to offer certifications in patrol, drug, and SAR through DRUGBEAT. Visit www.americanworkingdog.com and www.drugbeat.com for standards and certifying fees.

Pet Boarding

At BlueStreak Kennels your dog will be home away from home. We take all precautions to keep your dog happy and safe. Please call to schedule your reservation and to confirm pick up and drop off times.

K9s for Sale

At BlueStreak K9 we keep single and dual purpose canines available for sale. If your department has a specific request for a certain breed please let us know. We import the finest canines from Europe to meet the needs of the customer.

About the owner/trainer, Blake Bristow

Blake began training bloodhounds in 2006. With his experience in search and recovery and criminal tracking, Blake saw a need for a Human Remains Detection (HRD) dog.

In 2008 Blake began training and handling his own cadaver. Blake has been deployed all over Arkansas and Southeast Missouri for search and recovery efforts. Blake’s HRD dog, Roxy, has even been seen on NBC’s “The Today Show”.

Blake has trained under some of the most recognized dog trainers in Search and Rescue such as Jonni Joyce, Lisa Higgins, and Texas T.A.S.K. In 2011, Blake attended Tarheel Canine Training Academy under the direction of Jerry Bradshaw. There Blake learned the most recent and innovative training methods in detection dogs.

Blake has also attended advanced patrol dog courses and decoy training. Blake believes that training starts with finding a dog with the proper drives to insure a lifetime of success.

"Training starts with finding a dog with the proper drive to insure a lifetime of success."